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Myths About Pests in Clean vs. Dirty Homes in Houston, TX

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A popular misconception is that keeping a place clean keeps pests away. But the truth is that even the cleanest homes are vulnerable to pest infestations.

Why Clean Homes Still Need the Best Pest Control in Houston

Many pests invade homes looking for shelter or water, two things a clean home can have plenty of. Common water sources for these pests include moisture from leaky pipes, poor air circulation, and window condensation. And, while this time of year Texans may start to see less bugs outside, many are coming inside for the winter. Even cockroaches, an insect usually associated with mess, find their way into homes for these reasons.

Since many of these accidental pests aren’t adapted to living with humans, infestations can be limited and may go away on their own. Others can require professional pest management for effective eviction.

Unfortunately, other pests that invade clean homes are more of a nuisance. For … Read More »


Continuous Autumn Heatwave Responsible for Pests in Houston

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While Houston residents may be enjoying this fall’s heat wave, they’re less thrilled about the bugs it’s brought with it.

How the Heat Affects Houston Pest Control

It’s no secret why summers are the worst season for pests: Most insects are cold blooded and thrive in warm weather. This unusually mild autumn season means that these two annoying (and sometimes dangerous) insects have stuck around much longer than usual:


Fleas have been an especially big problem in Houston this year thanks to a population explosion early this summer that started flea season off with a bang. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need pets to face a flea infestation. Fleas can enter pet-free homes when outdoor animals that carry them get close enough to entryways. Additionally, warm-blooded indoor pests — think rodents and raccoons — can bring them directly inside.


Since Texas recently saw its first locally transmitted Zika virus case in … Read More »


Pest Control in Houston – Why the Rave Reviews for Preventive

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Favorable Preventive Pest Control Houston Reviews

Establishing a history of reliable pest control in Houston does not come easy. Being good at what you do takes hard work, dedication to customer satisfaction, and superior knowledge of the processes that lead to effective Houston pest control services.

In this article, we explain why Preventive Pest Control is among the best Houston pest control companies on the market.

3 Reasons Preventive Pest Control Houston Reviews Rave

From the perspective of a consumer, “great company” often translates to Excellency in services and products. From the viewpoint of a business owner, “great company” includes working conditions, employee benefits, and more while never excluding that wonderful concept of successful customer satisfaction.

To ensure the type of customer satisfaction that reaps quality reviews for our Houston Preventive Pest Control services, we strive to always maintain the following 3 proven business characteristics.

1) … Read More »


Texas Reports Its First Case of Locally Transmitted Zika

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While some Houston residents have already tested positive for Zika, each of these cases was likely the result of international travel. However, health officials last week reported what is likely to be the first local transmission for the state. The patient, a woman living in Cameron County near Brownsville at the Mexico–US border, had no recent travel history. This means the virus may have spread to Texan mosquitoes.

Why Zika is Dangerous

For most people, Zika is actually completely harmless without any noticeable symptoms. Those who are affected usually experience a rash, itchy red eyes, and/or flu-like symptoms. Rarely, this can lead to serious complications like Guillain–Barré syndrome, which in turn sometimes results in permanent muscle weakness.

However, the biggest dangers are for expecting mothers and women who may become pregnant. Zika disease during pregnancy has recently been associated with severe birth defects. The most common of which, microcephaly, is a permanent condition where the brain fails … Read More »


How Houston Pest Control Gets Rid of Fleas

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Fleas Make City of Houston’s Top Three Household Pest List

According to a recent article presented on the City of Houston’s Official Site for Houston, Texas, the three most common pests associated with household pets are ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Infestation by any of these three pests can be troublesome if not downright tormenting. This article zooms in on pest control for fleas.

Texas Pest Control for Fleas Begins At Home

Home flea problems are usually self-identifying. Pets take to an excessive habit in self-scratching and self-biting. They may begin to lose hair. Other telling signs include red skin and the appearance of red and black droppings on the skin. Head, neck and hindquarters are the primary flea target points. And of course once the infestation expands, you too will likely endure some of the discomfort. Fleas are flat bodied, black in color … Read More »


Top 3 Signs of Termite Infestation

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Houston Termite Control – Signs of Termite Infestation

As scavengers feeding on paper, wood and other cellulose-containing materials, termites are useful for replenishing nutrients to the soil. But when termites infest homes and other structures, the damage they leave behind can be extensive, serious and costly to repair. For specifics on how to identify Texas-based termites review the termite-specific Preventive Pest Control pests library file.

Prevention is the best defense, but early detection of a termite problem will help reduce the cost of home reconstruction. The following tips (3 signs of termite infestation plus 3 bonus tips) will help you keep watch for evidence of a growing termite problem:

First and typically the only outward sign will be springtime evidence of swarmers emerging through the nest kick holes (1/16 diameter holes the villains use when pushing fecal pellets from their galleries). Includes accumulation of … Read More »


How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Houston?

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Termites do more damage to homes than flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, causing more than $5 billion in damage to properties each year. What’s more, termite damage is rarely covered on most homeowner’s insurance policies because the damage is preventable. When buying or selling a home, a termite inspection, also known as a termite letter or termite bond, is absolutely essential. It protects the buyer, seller, and the lender. In fact, most lenders require a termite inspection before they will fund a home purchase loan.

How is a Termite Inspection Done?

Termite inspections are performed by a pest control professional. They will look for signs of termites and wood damaging insects as well as potential risk areas such as wood that is in contact with soil at the foundation of the home. Subterranean termites are a common problem in Houston and Formosan termites, a species … Read More »


How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice

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No one wants to face the possibility that they have a mouse in their house, but as the changing season brings cooling temperatures they will be looking for a warm place to sleep, eat, and raise their young. Make sure that your home doesn’t become theirs.

If you’ve seen one mouse, he’s not alone.

If you actually see a mouse or rat in your home, don’t celebrate too quickly thinking that it’s just one. The chances are excellent that he is actually one of many. For the one mouse that you do see, there are usually many that you don’t see so plan your rat and mouse elimination methods accordingly.

Know the signs of a mouse house invasion.

Even if you haven’t actually seen a mouse, you could see the telltale signs you have a mouse in the house. Some things to look for:

Mouse … Read More »


Texas Pest Control — Are You Ready for Pests This Fall?

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Now that the fall season is nearly upon us and the warm days of summer are fading into cooler nights and shorter days pests are beginning to look for a winter home. Are you ready for the inundation of roaches, rodents, and insects?

Your Home is a Beacon to Pests

Insects and other pests are well equipped to find a warm and sheltered spot to overwinter. Your home is a prime target because it offers access to water, food, and a warm place to raise a family or three. Because not all pests die off during the cold months, Texas homes act like an oasis to creatures who cannot survive the cold. As such, a warm and cozy house draws pests to it like a flashing neon sign that says free food, free water, and plenty of warmth. Blink, blink, blink, even … Read More »


10 Most Common Spiders in Texas

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Ever try to go to sleep when you know there is a spider loose in your room? That freaky feeling is common to most people. Aside from people who study spiders, not many people get excited when a spider moves into their home. Texas has a lot of spiders, but in this blog, we will discuss ten of the most common Texas spiders.

Grass Spiders

These are funnel weavers and they like to make their homes in corners. Most of the time they prefer to be outside, but when the weather starts to turn cold, inside your home looks great. These small to medium-sized spiders will roam, but for the most part, they are very shy and prefer to hide in their nest. Their bite is mildly toxic and the spiders are non-aggressive. They typically run away before biting.

Orb Weavers

There are many … Read More »