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Salt Lake City is a picturesque location with a mountain view, a thriving real estate market and a vibrant culture, so it is no surprise that so many people choose to call the city home. Unfortunately, there are many pests that also call Salt Lake City home. From common household spiders to venomous pests and those that spread diseases, keeping your home or business pest-free is the key to a happy, healthy environment. Preventive Pest Control offers a variety of services to ensure that your infestation is fully treated and that pests are never able to return.

Preventive Pest Control Services

The first step to treating a pest problem is to understand the threat at hand. Your Preventive Pest Control technicians will thoroughly comb your property for any signs of pest activity, looking for evidence such as droppings, webs, debris and other telltale signs of invasion. Once it is determined what type of pest is invading your home, your Preventive specialist will move on to creating a plan for total elimination.

The biggest difference between Preventive Pest Control services and do-it-yourself treatment is that Preventive uses only the highest quality products to treat your home, ensuring that it remains safe for humans and pets. Preventive also looks critically at the weaknesses in your property that could be allowing pests to enter your home. Another important aspect of pest control is identification. It is possible to identify one pest problem, such as ants or other insects, only to miss a secondary infestation. Preventive specialists are trained to identify all pests and can help you determine whether you are experiencing an influx of spiders because they are feeding off of another invading species in your home.

Types of Pests

Salt Lake City is home to a variety of pests, but some of the most common include spiders, ants and wasps. Ants can be a nuisance and are drawn to food left on floors and countertops, but they can appear anywhere and at any time. Spiders are known to invade homes with existing pest problems since they feed on other insects, but they can be a problem in their own right. Wasps often build nests outside the home, in abandoned sheds or in trees near the home. Wasps not only have a painful sting but can cause serious allergic reactions in those who are allergic to their venom.

Preventive Guarantee
Preventive Guarantee Preventive Guarantee

To solve your pest problems, contact Preventive Pest Control today at 801-981-4439. The guaranteed pest control services offered through Preventive provide you relief from any infestation you are currently experiencing as well as preventing any future pest invasion.

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Live in the avenues and its an older home with more open spaces than newer homes. I asked what could be done and they provided the best customer service by actually looking at those spots I mentioned. Not only have they communicated in an efficient manner but also with amazing customer service, I signed up with them for a year because of their professionalism. Thanks again all!

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