Residential Pest Control

Protecting your home from pests is not a one-time event. Ensuring your property remains free of pest damage and your family’s health is protected from pests requires a plan to prevent pest invasions from ever happening.

More times than not, home owners only think about pest control when they see a bug in their kitchen. Yet the most effective approach to pest management is not react, but to be proactive and prevent issues from ever happening in the first place. This common sense approach requires a trained eye to identify potential threats throughout your property and develop a barrier system to eliminate issues before they occur. And like other parts of your home, this system needs to be maintained and inspected for effectiveness on a regular basis.

Preventive Pest Control’s residential pest control service delivers a thorough pest management process to eliminate pest issues you have now and prevent future issues from ever happening.

Property damage from pests can cost in the thousands of dollars. Health issues from pest invasions can be extermely harmful to children and can end up having lasting effects. And as scary as these issues are, the wonderful thing is that they can be prevented. If you are experiencing a pest issue now or are concerned with protecting your home and family, call Preventive Pest Control today to discuss the solutions we can provide.

Common Pest Control Solutions We Provide


For the most part, ants are harmless to humans. The issue with ants is the sheer number of them in a colony. Usually, if you see one, you will a lot soon.

Ant Control


Effective cockroach control requires a thorough extermination of the cockroaches you currently have and improving your environment to prevent their return.

Cockroach Control


Protecting your home or business from rodents should be a top priority. The health risks of ongoing exposure to mice and rats feces can create severe health risks.

Cockroach Control


In the southwest United States, scorpion control is a priority. Many types of scorpions are native to the desert environment and encounters are common.

Cockroach Control


Spiders are creepy. Their webs create a messy environment. If the wrong kind of spider bites a person or pet you could have a real problem. The best solution to spider control...

Cockroach Control


Preventive Pest Control helps protect your family and pets from all types of stinging insects by helping you build a pest barrier around your property.

Cockroach Control


Termites cost millions of dollars in damage a year to property owners. Termites don't just attack homes; they infest commercial property as well.

Cockroach Control


Preventive Pest Control is pleased to offer our Weed and Lawn Control program that will let your yards and landscapes get the treatment they deserve.

Cockroach Control