Why You Need to Hire a Pest Control Technician

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If you have roaches, ants, mice, or other pests in your home you may be tempted to forego calling a pest control company and try to take care of matters yourself. This rarely works, especially on a long-term basis. So, the question is, why do you need to hire a pest control technician? The answer might surprise you.

Pest Control Technicians are Trained to Manage Household Pests

A pest control technician goes through a lot of training in order to learn how to effectively treat infestations and pest problems. They learn about pest lifecycles, what attracts certain pests to a property, and specific habits of household pests. That is why, when you hire a pest control company to treat a roach problem, the technician who comes to your homes knows exactly where to look to find them.

DIY Pest Control Methods are Rarely … Read More »


What is Organic Pest Control

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Organic pest control is a broad topic. How you define that is really based on what you want to achieve. In terms of pest management, we focus on organic pest control as chemicals that help control or destroy certain pests, but that do not present a serious health hazard.

Examples of Organic Pest Controls

A good example of an organic pest control method is diatomaceous earth, which is made up of high concentrations of silica. For insect control, silica works well because insects have an exoskeleton. However, their plate armor has a flaw. Where the plates join are tiny sutures. The silica which is akin to shards of glass works its way into those sutures and the insect loses fluid and dies. There are food-grade versions of diatomaceous earth which work well in an organic garden.

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6 Scary Bugs Found in Phoenix, Arizona

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They may be big; they may be ugly; yet, for the most part, the diverse insect landscape that sweeps through Arizona is harmless. Of course, knowing that doesn’t mean you want a candlelight introduction. To the contrary, seeing one scurry across your floor or flutter by your head is often enough to induce shrieks and irrational behavior in otherwise calm adults. Here’s a guide to the rather eclectic critters that residents in Phoenix may find themselves facing and some insight into whether you have cause to worry.

Bringing the “Pest” to “Pest Control Phoenix”

Based on the number of phone calls made to pest control services across the country, Arizona carries the title of “Most Buggy” state. While the following bugs can best be described as pests, they really are harmless.

Palo Verde Beetle It’s easy to see why the Palo Verde beetle may seem scary. … Read More »


How to Prevent Black Widows and Hobo Spiders in Utah

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Sandy Pest Control for Black Widows and Hobo Spiders

They hide in the dark corners of our your home, weaving silky strands of web, silently stalking their prey on eight hairy legs. Their round black eyes wait patiently in the shadows, ready to strike with venom filled fangs. A chance encounter with human foot at night, or perhaps reaching into a cupboard and they strike. It is the source of nightmares for many. Arachnophobia.

Here in Sandy, Utah, the two most common venomous spiders found in homes are the hobo spider and the infamous black widow. Both species seek fertile hunting grounds in Utah homes where they can feed on insects. If you would like to prevent a painful encounter or you suspect that hobo or black widow spiders have taken up residence in your home, you should contact Preventive Pest Control … Read More »


Myths About Pests in Clean vs. Dirty Homes in Houston, TX

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A popular misconception is that keeping a place clean keeps pests away. But the truth is that even the cleanest homes are vulnerable to pest infestations.

Why Clean Homes Still Need the Best Pest Control in Houston

Many pests invade homes looking for shelter or water, two things a clean home can have plenty of. Common water sources for these pests include moisture from leaky pipes, poor air circulation, and window condensation. And, while this time of year Texans may start to see less bugs outside, many are coming inside for the winter. Even cockroaches, an insect usually associated with mess, find their way into homes for these reasons.

Since many of these accidental pests aren’t adapted to living with humans, infestations can be limited and may go away on their own. Others can require professional pest management for effective eviction.

Unfortunately, other pests that invade clean homes are more of a nuisance. For … Read More »


Bug Off! Tips to Keep Bugs and Pests Out of Your Home in Albuquerque

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Pest control in Albuquerque homes can be challenging. However, there are a few things that people can do to help control pest populations so that they do not invade your home.  This blog focuses on tasks that help homeowners keep bugs and pests out of their Albuquerque homes.

Seasonal Checklist for Home Pest Control in Albuquerque
Check Doors

Doors and their frames often expand and contract during seasonal temperature changes. Those little gaps are an easy access point for critters looking to make your house their home. Be sure to check the gap space between doors and jambs. If there is a space present, consider using insulation designed for doors to fill up those gaps. Doing so helps decrease the need for a call to your local Albuquerque pest control company and it will likely also help improve the energy efficiency of your … Read More »


Using Education To Prevent Tick Related Diseases

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Natural Flea and Tick Control Critical To U.S. Medical Community

Flea and tick-borne illnesses have long been a major concern to the Southwestern U.S. medical community. In 1896, a doctor in Snake River Valley, Idaho reported the first U.S. case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF). However, the Southwestern state of Arizona now holds record for the most cases reported throughout the U.S. Maladies that accompany ticks and fleas can produce serious and even fatal consequences.

Fighting ticks and fleas is a serious problem, and an old problem.

Sixteen years ago, Texas Lieutenant Governor, Rick Perry, issued orders for a statewide study of the prevalence of tick-borne illnesses in Texas. The focus of the study examined issues relating to prevention and treatment. In consequence, the Senate Committee on Administration issued the following recommendation:

Public medical and nursing schools, residency programs, and continuing medical education … Read More »


Top 5 Reasons NOT to Do Your Own Pest Control

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With all the baits, traps, and pesticides on store shelves, DIY pest control may look like an easy project. However, for many pest infestations, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The biggest reason why DIY pest control is so tricky? Most people don’t have the right knowledge for effective application.

Even pests that may seem simple to identify actually aren’t. For example, there are dozens of different species of ants in Nevada, with different types of ants requiring very different solutions. The same strategy that may eliminate one kind of ant may be useless against another — and sometimes can make infestations worse.

Some treatments are dangerous, especially in inexperienced hands.

Remember that pesticides are poisons and must be handled with care. While most modern treatments are better targeted than older ones and only cause permanent damage to pests, they can still cause health problems when used in excess. … Read More »


Get Rid of Fleas in Your Albuquerque Home

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Fleas are one household pest that isn’t just a nuisance: Fleas can also transmit serious pathogens, such as bacteria and tapeworms, to humans and pets alike. Whether you’re trying to get rid of an existing flea infestation or are just interested in taking some preventive precautions, there are several steps you can take on your own before calling in the professionals.

Keeping Fleas Out of Your Home

Like most pest problems, flea infestations are much easier to prevent than they are to cure.

If you have pets, make sure you apply flea control as directed by your vet, usually each month. This is especially important to keep up with during the warmer months when fleas are more active.
Fresh cedar chips can be used in your yard as a natural short-term repellant against fleas.

Getting Rid of Fleas

Less serious infestations can be taken care of through mechanical … Read More »


Subterranean Termites and How They Impact Utah Residents

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What are Subterranean Termites?

There are two species of termites present in Utah: the eastern subterranean and the arid-land subterranean termites. Just as their name implies, subterranean termites forgo building above-ground mounds in favor of extensive underground colonies. Organized around a king and an egg-laying queen that can live up to 25 years, the colony extends through mud tubes that can range 100 yards from the primary colony in their search for wood cellulose.

In additional to the king and queen, subterranean termite colonies are composed of swarmer, worker and soldier caste. Workers, the most numerous caste, forage for food, construct tunnels and tend the brood, while soldiers use their powerful mandibles to defend the colony against ants and other predators. Swarmer termites have wings and take to the air to mate and plan new colonies in the spring, summer and fall.

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