How to Stop Mice from Coming into the Garage this Winter

Rodent Control

As the cold weather sets in, your home may be vulnerable to unwanted visitors, mice in particular. These rodents will go straight to your home and into your food source. Once they settle in your garage, they will create destruction and will not leave your home unless you find them and eliminate them. What are the common signs that mice are already living with you?

When mice are already in your home, you may hear them at night running in the hallways, in the walls or ceilings. You might find mouse droppings as you clean up in the morning and smell that musty odor, mouse are common in having. These mice can easily fit even the tiniest holes, so if they have gained access to your garage, they may eventually gain access to the main house.

When these mice moves in this winter, your home is vulnerable to a lot of damage. It is not just the home structure that is in danger with these rodents, but your health and your food are also in danger. Rodents are a common carrier of different diseases, bacteria, and parasites. They will contaminate the surfaces of your home with their saliva or urine, which you may not be able to see. They can easily contaminate food as well. Although they will just nibble a small quantity of food, but they will try to contaminate more than ten times of food than they can eat.


Mice will Enter These Locations

  • • Around foundations
  • • Near utility pipes and wires that goes through the house
  • • Deteriorated sidings and where holes, gaps, and cracks are


Rodent Proofing Your Garage

One solution is to search for any holes and cracks where these rodents can enter. Keep in mind that these mice have the ability to get inside cracks even if the crack is just the size of a dime. Make sure seal all these holes, cracks and gaps that you can find. And since these mice are also great in climbing, make sure that the branches of trees do not overhang roofs or drop down onto the roof. These rodents can get into roof void through gaps around the eaves. Check the air vents if they are damaged and repair or replaced them if they do.

Rodent proof your home by taking the outside of your home into consideration. Walk around the outside of your house and search for any entry points that these rodents can easily gain access to. If your home has an attached garage, your home may easily attract mice. Since the doors of your garage is not your ordinary door, mice can easily gain access. Check your garage as often as you can, especially at winter when these rodents will search for a warm place to stay in.

If your trash container is in the garage, make sure to keep them secure by having it always covered tightly. If it is possible, keep the trash outside and not in the garage as it can attract different pests. And, to finally make your home safe from these pests during the holiday season, always maintain a well-cleaned home. Repair your home if it needs it and always check for pests.

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