How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Houston?

termite inspection

Termites do more damage to homes than flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, causing more than $5 billion in damage to properties each year. What’s more, termite damage is rarely covered on most homeowner’s insurance policies because the damage is preventable. When buying or selling a home, a termite inspection, also known as a termite letter or termite bond, is absolutely essential. It protects the buyer, seller, and the lender. In fact, most lenders require a termite inspection before they will fund a home purchase loan.

How is a Termite Inspection Done?

Termite inspections are performed by a pest control professional. They will look for signs of termites and wood damaging insects as well as potential risk areas such as wood that is in contact with soil at the foundation of the home. Subterranean termites are a common problem in Houston and Formosan termites, a species of subterraneans, are particularly vicious, causing extensive damage to homes and other structures. Signs of termite damage that the inspector looks for include:

  • Swarming (usually occurs in the spring)
  • Mud tubes running along walls or ceilings
  • Soft or crumbly wood
  • Wood that has a hollow sound when tapped
  • Wallpaper that “bubbles”

How Often is a Termite Inspection Recommended?

Termite inspections for home sales are typically conducted just prior to closing so if they are being done to obtain a termite letter, once should suffice. However, homeowners are recommended to have a termite inspection of their home and property every two years. This is best left to pest control professionals. Even if the homeowner has some knowledge of how to inspect for termites, a termite letter can only come from a licensed professional pest control operator.

What is the Cost of a Termite Inspection in Houston Area?

When done as part of a real estate transaction, termite inspection costs in Houston, Texas can vary somewhat. Typically, they range in price from $85 to $150. This includes the termite inspection and termite letter. The price is the same whether termites are found or the property is clear. Some companies will include pest inspections in the home inspection as they prepare to close the sale of the home. Other times real estate agents will contract with a company to do the inspection and provide the termite letter.

Home inspectors usually lack the in-depth training that is required to recognize potential or existing termite damage which is why termite inspections must be done by a professional pest control expert. At Preventive Pest Control our technicians have the training, knowledge, and experience necessary to identify termite damage as well as risk areas for termite damage. We provide expert service for termite inspections for termite letters. Call today to schedule your Houston termite inspection to ensure that the home you are buying or selling is free from termites.