Subterranean Termites and How They Impact Utah Residents

What are Subterranean Termites? There are two species of termites present in Utah: the eastern subterranean and the arid-land subterranean termites. Just as their name implies, subterranean termites forgo building above-ground mounds in favor of extensive underground colonies. Organized around a king and an egg-laying queen that can live up to 25 years, the colony extends through mud tubes that … Read More

Top 3 Signs of Termite Infestation

Houston Termite Control – Signs of Termite Infestation As scavengers feeding on paper, wood and other cellulose-containing materials, termites are useful for replenishing nutrients to the soil. But when termites infest homes and other structures, the damage they leave behind can be extensive, serious and costly to repair. For specifics on how to identify Texas-based termites review the termite-specific Preventive … Read More

How to Control Termites in Your Home or Business

For anyone who has had an infestation, the mere mention of termites likely produces shivers. Sure, the critters are an essential part of the ecosystem, but they are also incredibly destructive when they venture into businesses and homes. Facing the prospect of thousands of dollars in repairs, homeowners and business owners in Nevada benefit from learning how to identify an … Read More

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Houston?

Termites do more damage to homes than flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, causing more than $5 billion in damage to properties each year. What’s more, termite damage is rarely covered on most homeowner’s insurance policies because the damage is preventable. When buying or selling a home, a termite inspection, also known as a termite letter or termite bond, is absolutely essential. It protects … Read More

4 Things You Should Know About Termites in Arizona

For much of the country, discussing termite control is comparable to discussing what to do when lions ride rollercoasters; in other words, abstract and unnecessary. For people in Arizona, however, the concern is real. Since much of the state resides on the most active subterranean termite pathways in North America, it’s nearly inevitable that homeowners encounter the pests. This, combined … Read More

Termites Invading Your Home

Termites: How do you know if they are in your home? Termites are not easy to spot. They prefer the soft inner layers of wood in the construction materials used in homes, fencing and other structures rather than the outer ones. There are ways to spot them, but you need to go outside to look. Here are a few of … Read More

Preventing Termite Infestation in Phoenix, AZ

Termite Infestation Control in Phoenix Termites can cause considerable damage before a homeowner even knows about them. Unfortunately they tend to turn up during inspection or construction, which is really the last thing a homeowner needs at that point. There are actions steps you can take on your own though. Performing regular checks for hollowed out wood is a good way to catch … Read More

Top Pests We Deal With Each Summer

We all deal with pests, no matter where in the southwest we live. From west to east, the pests are different, but the aggravation is the same! Here are some of the top pests we all deal with each summer. Salt Lake City: Bees Bees are such a problem in Salt Lake City that they actually have a minor league baseball … Read More

What are termites, and why do you need to be worried about them?

What do termites look like? Termites are very small, measuring 4 to 15 millimeters in length, though some queens can be larger. Depending on the species they can be brown or black and gray colored. How do termites behave? Like ants and bees, termites organize themselves into cooperative colonies. The vast majority of termites are workers, who gather and store … Read More

How to Tell if Termites are Eating Your Home

 How to Tell if Your Home has Termites Termites are winged, ant-like insects that live in the wooden parts of a building. They can be found in the floor, sub-flooring, roof, support columns, or even in the sheetrock. Termites are more common in some areas of the country than others, and they can cause severe damage to your home by … Read More