Yes, Winter Pest Control is a Real Thing in Texas

Texas Winter Pest Control

Preventive Pest Control is a Year-round Job

When winter arrives, and cold weather sets in for a few months, we like to settle in and hunker down, keeping cozy and warm in our homes. We also let our guard down when it comes to pest control, falsely believing that rodents and insects are taking the winter off.  The truth is, your warm and cozy home is exactly where pests want to be during the winter months. Have you taken steps towards winter pest control? Or are you hoping they’ll set up a new chapters of the Winter Pests Texas Trouble Committee in your basement, attic, and pantry?

Common Winter Pests in Texas

Temperatures can drop quickly during a Texas winter, and that means pests will be looking for shelter. These are some of the common pests you may see activity from if you’re not prepared.

Texas Winter Pest ControlMice

A mouse can squeeze itself through a hole as small as a nickel, so if you’ve got any cracks in your foundation or unsealed doors and windows, you’re likely to attract them. Evidence of a mice infestation includes visible droppings and urine, gnaw marks near entry points and in your food supplies, and smudged surfaces along your walls and baseboards. Mice multiply quickly, so catching the signs early is important.


The signs that you’ve got rats in your house are the same as for mice, only bigger.


They can survive a nuclear apocalypse, but they prefer the warmth of your home.


If you can provide the 3 W’s – Warmth, Water, and Wood, then termites will love your home. Though they’re less active in winter months, they can still be a threat.

Texas Winter Pest ControlAnts, Earwigs, and Spiders

Though these insects tend to hibernate in winter, it’s not uncommon for them to do so in or under your home. If you’re not doing regular inspections throughout the fall, you may be surprised when they wake up in the Spring.

All of these pests, and other small animals like possums and raccoons will seek a safe, warm shelter. Basements, attics, and other less-used space in your home are a perfect refuge for them.

What You Can Do For Winter Pest Control

Don’t be surprised by pests this winter! There are a few easy things you can do to prevent unwanted guests.

Inspect your home. Check your foundation for cracks and your doors and windows for unsealed openings. Pests don’t need much space to get in, so seal any openings properly. You should inspect your cabinets and pantries for food damage, and consider storing your food in airtight containers whenever possible. Be sure your garbage area is as clean as possible, and that you dispose of food waste as quickly as you can. Consider garbage cans with lids that can be latched down to deter critters.

Lastly, if you need help, call a professional who knows what they’re doing for preventive pest control. They can determine if you’re at risk of any unwanted winter pests.