14 Easy Steps for Pest Control in Phoenix

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When it comes to keeping the people in your life healthy and safe, whether they are employees at your company or your family at home, it’s of vital importance to keep your buildings clean and free of anything that might attract pests. From ants to cockroaches to rodents trying to break into your kitchen, business owners and homeowners alike must stay on guard against pests.

We are proud to offer pest control services Phoenix residents know they can count on and are happy to pass on tips for keeping vermin at bay. To maintain a clean environment, here are 14 easy steps for pest control in Phoenix that you can implement today.

1. Clean Your House Regularly: Set up a chore chart to ensure your family sweeps, vacuums and scrubs the house each week or hire a maid service.

2. Be Careful with Food Storage: Keep food securely stored in airtight containers. Storing flour in the fridge will help keep out bugs.

3. Use Bait: You can attract and kill vermin with bait that is available in your local home improvement store.

4. Set up Traps: Professionals at Phoenix pest control companies will tell you that traps are effective at snaring common household vermin.

5. Identify Pests: If you are able to see the pests, make a note of them for your exterminator to help prepare a response.

6. Monitor the Environment: Keep an eye out for bugs in your home or workspace. For example, you might see cockroaches scurry when you first turn on the lights in the break room.

7. Seal off Entry Points: Look for cracks and holes in the building where vermin can get inside. Sealing leaks at doors and windows will provide the added benefit of making your building more energy efficient.

8. Be Mindful of Holiday Treats: From kids hoarding Halloween candy in their bedroom to cakes, pies and cookies being left out overnight after a party, put these items away to avoid attracting pests.

9. Do Not Leave Food for Pets Outside: Don’t be tempted to put out a bowl of food or water for your pets, because this can attract bugs, mice and other vermin.

10. Keep Your Front and Back Yards Clean and Clear of Debris: Trim shrubbery and trees to remove hiding places for pests and make sure tree branches don’t touch your roof because they serve as a bridge for vermin.

11. Install a Screen Over Your Chimney: Cut off easy access to your home, even if it means an obstacle for Santa Claus.

12. Store Firewood at Least 20 Feet from Your Home: Old stacked up wood is a preferred hiding place for pests.

13. Don’t Rely on Cardboard Boxes for Storage: Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive solution for storage, but they also attract pests seeking shelter. Use plastic storage boxes that you can seal tightly.

14. Call for Inspectors: Look for professional exterminators in Phoenix as they are your best bet for inspecting your home or workplace to devise a pest control response.

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You’ve done your part in keeping your home or place of work free of vermin, but sometimes you’ll need outside assistance from professionally trained pest control experts. To make an appointment for the best pest control Phoenix has to offer, please call the team at Preventive Pest Control Phoenix. Get your free quote now!