5 Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termite ControlA termite infestation is one of the worst problems your home can have. These pests create major property damage if left untreated and undetected. Termites can remain undetected for a long time since they burrow from the inside out of a wooden structure. They can easily survive where there is moisture, soil, wood or materials that are made of cellulose. But, how would you know if your home is also infested with termites?



Common Signs that Your Home is the Home of Termites


The Presence of Swarmers

Light attracts swarmers and they may be seen around doors and windows. If you see swarmers coming out from piles of wood, stumps of trees, and other places in your backyard, don’t be too scared since this does not mean that your home is infested. But, if you find winged termites from the foundation wall’s substructure or connecting patios, this may mean that you have an infestation.


Mud Tubes

These mud tubes can extend on floor beams, plates on the window sills, support piers, and even on the foundation of walls. They can also settle in earth-filled porches, terraces, wooden steps, patios, and other similar wood-based components of the house. Usually, these mud tubes look like a hollowed pencil-size tube, that connects the nest (moisture) to their food source (wood). Mud tubes or shelter tubes are evidence of an infestation. However, their absence also does not mean that a structure does not have termites. You can break open these tubes to know whether termites are still present inside. Termites commonly rebuild damaged tubes, which is an indication of continuous activity. Old tubes, on the other hand, easily crumble and are dry.


Damaged or Hollowed Wood

Over time, these termites that are burrowing and eating of the wood will become weak. You may find a wooden platform that has chipped or may have crushed at structural bearing points. Commonly, a  noticeable tunnel-like hole along the grain of the damaged wood, along with pieces of dried mud or dirt on the feeding galleries, would definitely confirm termite damage. They also drill tiny holes through plaster or drywall that is together with  bits of soil around the margin.


Live Termites or Discarded Wings

Find live termites around suspicious areas of the house  or rotting wood near the house and you may find them. Reproductive kings and queens are 1/2” long, winged and black or brown. Workers are incapable of producing and are usually hidden within the infested wood. They are white and are 1/4” long and wingless. You may see swarming insects flying in your home or fallen wings on a surface, which could indicate their presence in your home.


Cracked Paint on Wood

Swarming termites can easily get in through small openings. The presence of cracked or distorted pain on wood may indicate that they have already gone inside. Locate and seal all cracks in the foundation of your home, roof sidings and windows to avoid these pests from entering.

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