6 Scary Bugs Found in Phoenix, Arizona

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They may be big; they may be ugly; yet, for the most part, the diverse insect landscape that sweeps through Arizona is harmless. Of course, knowing that doesn’t mean you want a candlelight introduction. To the contrary, seeing one scurry across your floor or flutter by your head is often enough to induce shrieks and irrational behavior in otherwise calm adults. Here’s a guide to the rather eclectic critters that residents in Phoenix may find themselves facing and some insight into whether you have cause to worry.

Bringing the “Pest” to “Pest Control Phoenix”

Based on the number of phone calls made to pest control services across the country, Arizona carries the title of “Most Buggy” state. While the following bugs can best be described as pests, they really are harmless.

  • Palo Verde Beetle It’s easy to see why the Palo Verde beetle may seem scary. The size of your hand with a wingspan just as large, these black insects come out in droves. Despite their loathsome appearance, however, they really are harmless. Every year, residents of the Grand Canyon state are treated to a display of this beetle’s mating season — a brief interim of time that allows the insect to carry on in joy before promptly dying.
  • Apache Cicada If you’re not a fan of insects, the Apache Cicada may seem frightening. With transparent, veined wings and large eyes protruding from their sides, the males make loud noises from their abdomen to attract females.
  • Desert Tarantula While huge and hairy, this type of tarantula is surprisingly harmless. Though it may bite if threatened, you’ll only feel a mild pain that passes quickly.

When You Need the Best Pest Control in Phoenix

best defense pest control services near meSo far, we’ve covered some harmless critters. Now it’s time to delve into the bugs and pests that should cause alarm. If these not-so-furry friends make an appearance at your house or business, it’s time to call the professionals.

  • Bark Scorpion In comparison to its relatives, the Bark Scorpion looks emaciated, pale, harmless. They aren’t. Instead, they deliver the nastiest sting out of all scorpions.
  • Banded Desert Centipede Although there have only been five deaths in the United States attributed to these creatures, they leave a nasty sting that can induce heart palpitations, nausea, immense pain, swollen lymph nodes and tissue damage. Able to grow up to 7 or 8 inches, the centipedes prefer to dine on insects, lizards, and small rodents, but won’t hesitate to bring out the venom when confronted by a predator — ie: you.
  • Africanized Honey Bee Recognized colloquially as “killer bees,” this type of honeybee tends to be much more aggressive than it’s non-Africanized counterpart and can warrant medical attention if stung.

Best Defense Pest Control Services Near Me

Whether you’re dealing with ticks, mosquitos, bees or scorpions, you need the best pest control in Phoenix. When you’re ready to be done with the bugs, contact Preventive Pest Control Services.