Ant Invasion Determined by Weather – Rain & Drought

Ant ControlAnts can invade homes regardless if it is raining or there is a drought. Weather directly affects how pests do their activities. It does not matter whether it is hot or humid, cool or dry, or rainy. Ants will still be attracted to what your kitchen offers. However, it is known that these ants may invade in larger numbers because of the change in weather. Here are the reasons why:



Expect more ants during wet weather. Ants large invasions are caused by their search for food. Actually, it is not just the ants that homeowners should worry about, but different insects as well. Different pests will need more food sources, causing them to search beyond their normal habitat which may eventually lead to your home. Since more moisture is present when it rains, ants will search for a place that is dry, which your home abundantly offers.
During excessive rainfall and flooding, the soil where an ant’s colony resides will also get flooded. This will cause these ants to search for dry ground. They will search for the nearest shelter that they can find, which in many cases is your home. It is easy for these ants to transfer their entire colony in such a short period of time, so it does not matter whether it is just a short rainfall or if it is a downpour that results in flooding because these ants can enter wall voids or under foundations in just a matter of a day.
When it is really wet, ants will move out from their shallow, drenched nests and get away from their flooded home. However, their main goal when they enter your house is to seek water, food, and shelter.


Dry and Drought

During dry conditions, ants will search for places where they can get water, typically in and around your home. While rain attracts pests of different kinds, lack of rain may also cause pest invasions. Ants are relentless in their search of moisture to survive.
During droughts, ants may be fewer, but they will come more frequently. Extended periods of dry weather will affect the ants’ food supply, which will cause them to venture out beyond their natural habitat. Ants are expected to create their ant colonies in and around your home so that they can have a better access to your kitchen.
Fight Back Against Ant Invasion
As the weather determines when these ants invade your home, it is important to seal up food in the pantry especially during these really wet or really dry times. Although worker ants are tiny creatures, they will have a hard time getting in air-tight containers. However, the best defense against these ants are the use of chemical gels and baits. Place the traps in areas where ants are common and allow them to consume these baits. They can take these baits back to their colony and share it with the rest. This process may take a while, but it is highly effective to properly controlling ants.

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