Benefits of Commercial Pest Control Services

Salt Lake City commercial pest control

There’s the obvious benefit that stems from hiring a professional commercial pest control company — getting rid of dangerous or obnoxious rodent and insect visitors in your business. What you may not realize, however, is that there are many other advantages of hiring a Salt Lake City pest control service. Pest infestations can damage your property and your reputation. They create an uncomfortable atmosphere that is virtually impossible for any customer, client or staff member to look beyond. Hiring someone trained in eradicating pests, such as flies, ants and beetles, is the quickest and most definitive way to solve the problem.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the benefits of hiring a local pest control company rather than attempting to control an infestation yourself:


Beyond the eww factor, pests carry hazardous bacteria and harmful diseases that can expose your customers to illness. For instance, ticks can cause Lyme disease, a condition that brings extreme sickness, severe fatigue and skin disorders. Cockroaches carry salmonella and E-coli on their bodies, and can cause more severe responses in people with asthma and allergies. Bees and wasps can cause injuries and allergic reactions, while ants can contaminate food.

Fewer Toxins

People who are not trained in pest control techniques are 67 times more likely to misapply insecticides than those who are professionally trained. The result is an over-application of harmful toxins and an increased ability for pests to multiply. By hiring a skilled pest control company, such as Preventive Pest Control, you’re reducing the dangers of pesticides and ensuring quality.

Accurate Identification and Treatment

Different forms of baits and chemicals are necessary for treating different types of pests. A trained professional will know the safe amount of chemicals to use. Moreover, a pest control service can identify the types of pests that are infiltrating your business and determine the most appropriate method of eliminating that particular type.

Less Discomfort

Mosquitoes, spiders and bedbugs can leave you itching and stinging for days. Many over-the-counter treatment options take longer to rein in the problem than the professional-grade options that Preventative Pest Control uses. Even using the store-bought pesticides can cause your customers and staff to become ill. A local pest control service can help your business eradicate the problem without exposing your clientele to the harmful toxins.

Discovering the Source

Eliminating pests is a two-part challenge: Getting rid of the initial crop of pests and also finding the source attracting them to your property. Professional pest control companies are trained to locate the source of infestation and eliminating it to prevent a reoccurrence. Without both steps, it’s likely the problem will resurface.

While no business owner wants to face a pest infestation, it’s a reality for many. Whether you’ve detected bedbugs in your hotel, ants in your restaurant, or another pest elsewhere, it’s important to reduce risks immediately. Contact Preventive Pest Control for effective Salt Lake City commercial pest control.  Call us today!