Benefits of Xeriscaping

In populated desert areas of the United States xeriscaping is king due to its many benefits for the arid climate. Xeriscaping is a concept that began in Colorado in an effort to conserve water and has spread throughout the Southwestern portion of the United States. The basic premise is utilizing water efficient landscape designs which are also aesthetically-pleasing.
If wondering whether to have a lawn or utilize the xeriscaping technique, here are many benefits to help inform you of the available options.


Many opt for turf landscaping which helps to conserve water and save money. However, turf landscape does not look realistic. Visitors to the neighborhood can tell it is not a real lawn. With Xeriscaping, there are an endless number of designs which are much more aesthetically-pleasing than the turf alternative. Also, weeds only grow in the spring so you will not have to regularly remove them.

Low Maintenance

The decorative granite rocks and beautiful, blooming native plants are very low maintenance. With xeriscaping, there is no need to push around a lawnmower on a 110-degree day or spend the money to have a landscaping company do the deed. The only maintenance required is a small amount of trimming several times per year and spot treatment to eliminate weeds in the spring.

Natural Beauty

Although a lush, green lawn looks beautiful, it is out of place in a desert environment. Choosing a native desert blooming plant fits in better with the landscape and can look just as beautiful as a lawn. Cacti and desert flowers are the perfect choice for a xeriscaped front yard.

Save Water

One of the greatest benefits of xeriscaping is that significantly less water is required to maintain the landscaping. During the hot and dry summer months, water can become scarce so it is critical that everyone in the community conserve this natural resource.

Save Money

As a result of saving water, you are also saving money on the monthly utility bill. The money savings transcend the water bill because most xeriscaping products are less expensive than rolls of sod and green shrubbery. Should you choose a variety of rocks, they cost much less than turf or sod.

Save Time

In addition to these other benefits, you will save a large amount of time from continuous weeding, lawn mowing and watering the lawn. In the hot desert sun, more maintenance is needed to preserve the lawn than in other areas of the country. With xeriscaping, simply plant the desert flowers, pour rock across the yard and that is pretty much it. You will occasionally need to trim the plants and pull weeds once per year but it will take less time than regular lawn care.

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