Bug Off! Tips to Keep Bugs and Pests Out of Your Home in Albuquerque

Pest control in Albuquerque homes can be challenging. However, there are a few things that people can do to help control pest populations so that they do not invade your home.  This blog focuses on tasks that help homeowners keep bugs and pests out of their Albuquerque homes.

Seasonal Checklist for Home Pest Control in Albuquerque

Check Doors

Doors and their frames often expand and contract during seasonal temperature changes. Those little gaps are an easy access point for critters looking to make your house their home. Be sure to check the gap space between doors and jambs. If there is a space present, consider using insulation designed for doors to fill up those gaps. Doing so helps decrease the need for a call to your local Albuquerque pest control company and it will likely also help improve the energy efficiency of your home too.

Check Windows

Windows are one of the easy ways for pests to gain entrance to homes. Each season be sure to inspect window screens for tears, fit, and wear. Not all window screening material stands up to drastic climate changes such as hot summers and cold winters. Exposure can cause the material to become weak, brittle, and easy to penetrate.

Foundation Inspection

This sounds more complex than it is. The goal of a foundation inspection is not to check the home’s foundation, but the space between the home and its foundation. What you look for are gaps and openings that may come and go during seasonal change. Like windows and doors, the space between a home and its foundation fluctuates during warm and cold weather. Even small gaps are enough room to allow termites, ants, cockroach, and silverfish into your home.

These three chores are easy to do and should not take more than an hour of time. As the top Albuquerque residential control company, you can always call us to help with pest control issues. Little chores like these listed here help homeowners to avoid pest infestations. If you already have a pest infestation just call us. We are the pest control company  Albuquerque trusts to get the creepy crawlies out of their homes. We are Preventive Pest Control and we provide professional pest control services to Albuquerque and its surrounding communities. We help with pest identification and we provide quotes for one-time services or ongoing service and all of our services come with a guarantee. We even come back for free between visits if pests show up again. In fact, it is safe to say that we are always here when you need us.