Common Pest Control Issues for Hotels

Hotel Pest Control

Pest control issues for hotels have never been more challenging as the innovations of technology make it easier for customers to read reviews regarding a hotel they might want to stay on. Non-stop news would mean getting the information to others before they have even been reported to the management of the hotel. Guests who send pictures of bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests from a hotel they stayed in, for friends to see, would mean the destruction of the establishment.

With such an issue, most hotel and restaurant managers must do everything they can to keep these pests out and away from the sight of their guests and totally eliminate their presence. Policies of most hotels are to have zero-tolerance for pests. But, what challenges does most hotels encounter with pests?


Most Common Pest Control Issues Hotel Encounters


While it is difficult to control birds from flying around the premises of a hotel, the embarrassment hotels might encounter are with bird poops. Birds pooping on the pool deck may make guests feel disgusted to even go swimming or just stay on the deck.


It is actually difficult to monitor the presence of mice, especially for large buildings. There are really a lot of places where these pests can hide. But, it becomes totally embarrassing for hotels, when these pests come running around the lobby for most guests to see.


Cockroaches are common in kitchens and may even travel through the main dining area of the hotel. When cockroaches are seen by guests, they will immediately consider the establishment as being unsanitary.

Bed bugs

In 2011, the rise of the population of bed bugs affected, even the most high profile luxury hotels.

It is certain that hotel owners and their managers will do everything they can to protect their brand and keep their business away from the bad reputation of having any of these pests from their premises. So what can a hotel do to fight pests?


How Hotel Can Fight Pests

Find a Pest Control Provider

But, not just an ordinary pest control provider and most hotels know this. It is common for them to take the time and find the best in the industry. A company that could provide a customized program that will target the pest in mind will ensure that pest infestation will get eliminated. Most hotels are constructed differently and may have different pest issues, which is why a customized plan is needed.

Their chosen provider should also cover multiple services that not just focuses on the expected, but also the unexpected and the overlooked. A company that could also offer wild animal control and trap different animals while still eliminating rodents from the exterior and interior of the hotel can be really advantageous.

Don’t Forget Emergencies

A reliable pest control provider will assist hotels during emergencies since some hotels are bound to encounter catastrophic pest situations. Such as the immediate emergence of a cockroach infestation in the kitchen, a plague of bed bugs on a certain floor, or a rat rally on the lobby. When such situations happen, managers will for certain need the help of their provider whatever the day or time is.

Have Regular Inspections

Always include bed bug inspections as part of the hotel’s pest management program. Even if the hotel does not have these pests yet, but it is necessary for these hotels to include this in their program as a line of defense against bed bugs. Include pest awareness training to the hotel staff and let them know what to look for as signs of infestations.

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