As a business that helps to maintain sanitary and healthy living conditions for its community, Preventive Pest Control continues to operate at this time to help control the pests in and around your home. We do have some important updates to our service that we would like you to be aware of.

As we have done for the past 23 years, we will be focusing primarily on doing a comprehensive outside service to control your pests. More than 90% of our work is focused on the exterior of the home because that is where pests originate and can best be controlled. Since we first started our business in 1997, we have relied on a strategy of thorough inspections and treatments on the exterior of the home for a number of reasons.

  • It is Effective. Most of the pests you deal with live, breed, and forage outside of the home and enter as opportunity provides. Outside of the home, we are able to stop pests at their source by treating harborage and entry points, we can use more product, and we can put down an effective barrier that helps to keep pests out. If pests do enter the house, they are generally compromised and dying, and added pesticides on the inside the home will not change
    that much.
  • It is Safer. Although we use industry leading products that are target specific and low in toxicity, no pesticide that is designed to kill living organisms is 100% safe (not even so-called “organic” pesticides.) By keeping the product on the outside of the house, we reduce your family’s exposure. Pesticides sprayed inside the home last much longer where they are not affected by sun and moisture, so if you’ve had the inside of your home serviced in the last year, it is likely that there is still residual product in cracks and crevices that continues to be active against pests.
  • It is Convenient. Well over half of our customers use an exterior only service because they know they don’t have to take time off work, wait at home, or otherwise rearrange their schedule to meet the technician (although this is definitely your biggest concern right now.)
  • It is Guaranteed. If at any time following your regular pest control service you experience a pest problem, we will return and resolve the issue at no additional charge.

Now, we have a much more important reason to focus your service on the exterior of the home- social distancing and containing the spread of the coronavirus. We have made some adjustments to our procedures to increase the safety of our customers and our technicians. Technicians have been instructed to keep a safe distance (six feet or more) no handshakes or other contact, and we are not asking customers to sign the mobile devices following the service.

If you are experiencing an active infestation inside your home, we are still able to help you. As mentioned earlier, many pests that infest inside often originate outside, so a majority of the problem solving may still be done outside of the home. In the event that a technician must
enter the home, they will take several precautions. The techs will wear personal protective equipment, including respirators and gloves. We will ask the technicians to still maintain six feet of separation between themselves and clients and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.

If you are a client that has always had the interior of your home serviced each time we come out, we have always been happy to do this at no extra charge because we love our customers and want to take care of them. However, at this time, we invite you to allow us to use our
knowledge and skill to control the pests primarily from the exterior of your home. Your service is still guaranteed, and we will return and re-treat as necessary to resolve any problems that
may arise.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you, and we hope that everyone can continue to take measures to keep themselves and their community safe. Our phones are open (although we are working from home to further ensure community safety) and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.