Get Rid of Fleas in Your Albuquerque Home

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Fleas are one household pest that isn’t just a nuisance: Fleas can also transmit serious pathogens, such as bacteria and tapeworms, to humans and pets alike. Whether you’re trying to get rid of an existing flea infestation or are just interested in taking some preventive precautions, there are several steps you can take on your own before calling in the professionals.

Keeping Fleas Out of Your Home

Like most pest problems, flea infestations are much easier to prevent than they are to cure.

  • If you have pets, make sure you apply flea control as directed by your vet, usually each month. This is especially important to keep up with during the warmer months when fleas are more active.
  • Fresh cedar chips can be used in your yard as a natural short-term repellant against fleas.

Getting Rid of Fleas

albuquerque pest controlLess serious infestations can be taken care of through mechanical removal:

  • Thoroughly clean your home. Sweep and vacuum frequently until the infestation has been cleared.
  • Wash all fabric your pet has been in contact with or you’ve seen have evidence of fleas.
  • Be cautious when using a washing machine and make sure you use the highest wash settings.

However, no amount of cleaning will help if you don’t address the root source of the fleas:

  • Your pet may need a deep cleansing bath with a flea-killing shampoo or other medication. Talk to your vet about options.
  • A fine-tooth comb may be necessary to remove all eggs from the fur. Remember that adult fleas account for only a very small percentage of the whole population.
  • Check for dark, moist patches in your yard where fleas can breed and dry them out.
  • Treat rugs, carpets, and other infested materials with insecticide and/or insect growth inhibitors. Insect growth inhibitors are typically a safer option that targets larval development rather than directly killing adult fleas.

When to Call the Best Pest Control in Albuquerque

Not all flea infestations can be handled on your own. If you’re facing either of the following problems, it’s best to call in the experts:

  • You aren’t sure where the fleas are coming from and basic DIY methods haven’t worked. Pest management professionals can help you figure out how fleas have been entering your home and where they might be hiding out.
  • A separate rodent infestation is the source of the fleas. This needs to be addressed before fleas can be eradicated for good.

Preventive Pest Control Albuquerque

If you have a confirmed or a possible serious flea infestation on your hands, consider contacting the pest control experts at Preventive Pest Control. If you are looking for a reliable Albuquerque residential pest control company, we at Preventive can help. Call us today!