Hot Weather Responsible for Wasps and Other Pests in Parts of the Country

Hot Weather Responsible for Wasps

Wasp Control Services Battle Consequences of Above Average SW Temperatures

Wasps in home and air, swarming, catching homeowners off guard, and increasing the demand for home and office pest control wasp nest removal services. As the year ends, it seems the demand for wasp control services should be drawing to a yearly close. Problem is: Insects refuse to obey regulated seasonal time schedules. So long as Southwestern U.S. weather provides favorable opportunity, wasps and other pests will continue to thrive. They are bigger, more active, and likely to cause trouble until the region experiences an extended cold snap.

As a premier residential pest control service center working in states throughout the Southwest US, Preventive Pest Control presents the following tips on how to control wasps in and around your home.

Tips On How To Control Wasps Around Your Home

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the September average contiguous U.S. temperature came in at 57.7°F. That holds at 3.6°F above the 20th century average, and holds ninth position for warmest October in a 122-year period of measurements. In New Mexico, October came in at 5.8°F above average, the warmest October in that state’s history. Texas also broke records with October temperatures that ranked second in that state’s history. Even Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma experienced record-breaking increases in October temperatures.

Face it: In the Southwest U.S., even late November above average temperatures are promoting a paradise for insects.

To help reduce your home insect problems, use the following EPA wasp treatment pest control programs:

  • Plug the Holes: Torn screens, open windows, rotted door jams: For an insect, even the tiniest hole is a gateway into your home. Depending on the type of hole, use caulk, foam, or a self-adhesive screen repair patch.
  • Clean up the Mess: Wasps and other insects do so enjoy the flavor of sweet drinks, spilled syrup, and other sticky messes. Soap, water and towels will resolve the issue.
  • Make it Dry: Leaky faucets inside or outside provide an attraction to crawling insects as well as those that can fly. If necessary, call a plumber. Also correct any areas outside of your home where water accumulates.
  • Seal the Trash Cans: Trash cans should be dumped regularly, and always remain covered even when seemingly empty
  • Finish your Meals: Whether inside or outside, you should never leave exposed food setting beyond mealtime.

 For Safe Wasp Treatment Pest Control

Many folks are allergic to the stings of wasp and other bees. Even for those who are not allergic, the stings can be very painful. Preventive Pest Control offers rapid and efficient price-guaranteed Southwestern regional wasp control services. Call now for professional pest control wasp nest removal.