How Houston Pest Control Gets Rid of Fleas

flea pest control

Fleas Make City of Houston’s Top Three Household Pest List

According to a recent article presented on the City of Houston’s Official Site for Houston, Texas, the three most common pests associated with household pets are ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Infestation by any of these three pests can be troublesome if not downright tormenting. This article zooms in on pest control for fleas.

Texas Pest Control for Fleas Begins At Home

Home flea problems are usually self-identifying. Pets take to an excessive habit in self-scratching and self-biting. They may begin to lose hair. Other telling signs include red skin and the appearance of red and black droppings on the skin. Head, neck and hindquarters are the primary flea target points. And of course once the infestation expands, you too will likely endure some of the discomfort. Fleas are flat bodied, black in color and around 2.5mm long. Once they start popping around on your legs and arms, you will be ready to end the problem.

Keeping your Houston household free of fleas begins with basic inside and outside housekeeping. Before setting up a flea pest control program, remove the fundamental and controllable flea and tick habitats. Here’s how:

  • Rake and remove grass clippings, leaves and straw from your yard
  • Don’t permit pet hair to accumulate in your house or the dog’s house
  • Weekly chores: Vacuum carpets and mop bare floors
  • Keep pets clean and brushed
  • Mow your grass and weed on a timely schedule
  • And remember: Fleas travel on human clothing as well as pets.

Cost Of Professional Texas Flea Pest Control

Typical DIY flea remedies such as Total Release Foggers (TRF) range around $15 to $50 per package of three. Yard spray controls will add another $30 or more depending on the size of the yard. However, DIY flea, bed bugs and even termite pest control programs can result in some extreme hidden expenses. According to a recent eight-state Center for Disease Control study, from 2001 to 2006 some 466 incidents of illness or injury came about as a result of homeowners using Total Release Foggers (TRF) as a means of controlling cockroaches, fleas and flying insects (2).

Is saving a few bucks against an uncertain success rate worth the risk of DIY flea eradication?

On the average size home, a comprehensive professional indoor/outdoor pest treatment program for fleas typically runs under $100. A full warranty treatment, including a six-month follow-up package, ranges from $150 to $250. Enduring the torment of an expanding flea infestation is bad enough. Don’t add insecticide-related health risks to the problem.

With nine locations from Texas to California available for resolving home and business pest problems, Preventive Pest Control can help you with flea and tick control. Get a free quote now!