Keep Your Yard Away from Pests this Spring

Pest Control

Warmer months are always perfect for those relaxed backyard moments with friends and family. But warmer months and longer days also bring an increase in the number of unwanted pests. Don’t let these pests ruin your spring. Nothing ruins a backyard party better than ants, cockroaches, bees, or some other beetles that decide to make an unwanted visit to your almost perfect party.



So how do you control pests and make sure that your yard is free from them?


Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Cut any shrubs or branches of trees that might possibly touch the exterior of your home. This step will prevent “pest bridges” to your home. Pests can use mulch made of pine straw as their homes, so instead if using these types of greenery, you can use garden pieces like rocks or stones as an alternative.
  2. Check and fix poorly fitted doors and windows. Repair or replace screen doors.
  3. Check the outer structure of the home and search for cracks, gaps, and crevices which can pests use to enter the house. You might find some gaps around the utility lines, possible missing roof shingles, or sidings that are loose. Do not forget the pipes, and electric cord wiring.
  4. Secure any gaps with mesh made of copper, metal sheets, or wool made of coarse steel.
  5. Make certain your yard, patio, deck, and garage don’t have any weeds, still water, or any garbage.
  6. Trash cans should always be kept tightly sealed. The area should be free from spills, trash, or items which can be a source of food for pests.
  7. Change your usual mercury vapor light or lights that are halogen with yellowish, pinkish, or orange-colored shades since these are made to be less attractive to flying insects.
  8. Instead of placing lights near the entrances of the house, it may be better to use pole lights, or any light that is not placed near your house.



  • • Watch where the ants are congregating. Pay close attention to their walking paths and where the highest amounts of ant activity happens.
  • • Fill a spray bottle with plain water, and add 5-6 drops of lemon juice to it or 5-6 drops essential cinnamon oil instead.
  • • Spray the solution to areas where ants are common. Spray the solution around the edges of the garden, and even on doorways and around windows. You can also spray the solution directly on ant hills and other areas where you have seen the ants.
  • • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth for long-term nontoxic control.
  • • Use commercial ant killers and follow the direct instructions of the spray.



  • • Diatomaceous earth can also be used for cockroaches by sprinkling them in areas where these pests congregate. Most roaches should be killed within two weeks after application.



  • • Watch where flies land or nest and what attracts them.
  • • Determine what kind of flies you are dealing with. This way, you will know what the type of treatment you’ll need in order to eradicate these pesky flies from your home.



  • • Choose plants that gophers won’t eat, such as daffodils, columbine, lavender or rosemary.
  • • Plant the bulbs anywhere in the garden where you found the gopher.


Voles and Mice

  • • In your garden, put plants that mice try to avoid. 
  • • Plants that have strong smells such as cloves, garlic, peppermint, lavender, and pepper like cayenne are known to repel mice.


Pest Control for Gardens

Plants that have strong scents will be very beneficial to your garden. If you want to keep pests away from your garden, try putting plants that smell like lemons, or flowers that have strong scents. Once you have placed such plants in your garden, these animals will not want to enter the perimeter and will look for another place for food. Try to get plants that drive away several kinds of pests. Marigold is known for their rather powerful scent that drives away mosquitoes from gardens and yards.

If you feel that there the numbers of pests are fairly manageable, then you can do it yourself. But, if you feel that the infestation is quite severe, it might be practical to consult a yard pest control professional to easily clean your yard problem.