Moving to Phoenix? Learn About Pests and Bugs in Phoenix, AZ

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Why Add Pest Control Phoenix to Your Moving List

Identifying the “best defense pest control services near me” may not be among the prime topics listed in a Phoenix “reasons to move here” brochure.

Wildlife in Phoenix gets weird, destructive, and sometimes even just plain dangerous. But don’t let the notion of pests in Phoenix interrupt your moving program. Our local pest population will never overshadow the joy of living in a state that promotes:

  • Affordable, low cost housing
  • Quality education
  • Extended actives for children
  • AND a land enhanced with beautiful weather.

According to the 2015 U.S. Census estimates for “national population numbers added,” Arizona, Maricopa County and metro Phoenix ranked among the top 10 regions in the nation. In fact, the Phoenix Business Journal reports Arizona as the eighth fastest-growing state in the U.S. New folks just keep moving in!

Preventive Pest Control welcomes you to the region. Perhaps a brief introduction to common pests and bugs in Phoenix, AZ will be of use to you.

Best Pest Control in Phoenix Presents a Rundown On Local Bugs and Other Pests

Moving is always a challenge, usually exciting, and sometimes heartbreaking. But once settled in, the hassles of your move-in will vanish beneath the wonders of living in Arizona. According to Insect Identification for the Casual Observer, the Arizona Insect Identification database contains a total of 295 bugs and other insects. We can’t cover them all, but the following list touches on common home pests:

Africanized Bee: Aggressive. Vicious. 2016 Arizona population increase of over 1,000 percent.

American Cockroach: Native to Africa. Thrive in a warm humid habitats. Known to take shelter in homes and other buildings. Enjoy same food types as humans and their critter associates. Rank high on Arizona’s list of commercial and personal pest.

best pest control in phoenixAnts: Ants common to the region: fire ants, black ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and harvester ants. Some bite, others don’t. Home infestations by black carpenter ants best removed by professional exterminator.

Arizona Desert Scorpion: Largest species of scorpion in the U.S. Venomous but not considered a threat to human life. Nocturnal.

Spiders: Some harmful, some not. Venom from a black widow spider 15 times as toxic as that of prairie rattlesnakes. Arizona brown spiders also on list of most dangerous local spiders.

Termites: A homeowner’s nightmare. Feeds on wood. Work in family groups. Great survivors.

Ticks: 8-legged arachnids. Parasite hosted by warm-bodied creatures including dogs and humans. Notorious carriers of Lyme Disease bacterium.

Yellow Jackets: Common throughout the region. Aggressive nature and painful sting. Dangerous. Treat yellow jacket infestations as a job for professional Arizona pest control services.

Best Pest Control in Phoenix

Just moving in and looking for the best defense pest control services near me, contact Preventive Pest Control: We know the region, the pest, and the solutions.