How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Albuquerque

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New Mexico Pest Control, The Cost of Home Pest Protection

Wish this could be a one price fits all solution, but home and office pest problems come in a variety of creatures and sizes, each with a species-specific method of elimination, reduction and routine control processes. Keep in mind that effective pest reduction often demands a crossover between inside your home and outside your home processes.

Albuquerque In-home Pest Control

Rodents – Pest control for rodent problems typically runs between $75 and $100. The service includes setting traps while also seeking to eliminate the core cause of the problem.

Insects – Rough costs for an initial spraying to control internal pests range $50 to $70 per month. The process typically includes treating the yard area directly adjacent to the house. The tech should also knock down spider webs, and do a routine check of visual signs of wood destructive invaders.

Carpenter Ants and Termites – New Mexico homeowners do well if they make early identification, elimination and control of wood eating pest a personal priority. But when the worst has already occurred, effective termite pest control in Albuquerque may require a serious first-treatment process. Tools and products used during the initial process may involve bait, chemicals, electricity, heat, microwaves and fumigating with lethal gas.

1) Chemical Extermination: Typically, chemical extermination prices out at $9 to $17 per linear foot. Lay of the land plays some role in setting the lower or upper price gage. Slab foundations also increase the price.

2) Baiting prices start at around $1,500 for a 1300-square foot home. Typically, the larger the home the greater the square foot pricing.

3) Heat-based termite extermination typically runs $1 per square footage of the house, and requires tenting the home.

4) Fumigation also requires tenting of the home, and is typically priced out at $1 to $2 per square foot home size. Decks and other attachments to the home reap an extra price.

5) For small regions of termite infestation, your tech may make use of an electro-gun or a microwave process. Cost usually breaks just over the $1000 mark.

Hiring Long-Term Albuquerque In-home Pest Control Saves Money

Note:  To ensure proper long-term property protection against any type if pest invasion, you should schedule a quarterly insect pest control program. Depending on the type of insect and the size of the property, cost will vary from $200 to $500 per year.

Get ahead of the program. Stop termites and other wood damaging insects before they become problems. Call or email Preventive Pest control for New Mexico residential pest control. Base pricing on WDIR/WDO for Albuquerque metro regional homes begins at just $89 for 3000 feet or less.