Myths About Pests in Clean vs. Dirty Homes in Houston, TX

A popular misconception is that keeping a place clean keeps pests away. But the truth is that even the cleanest homes are vulnerable to pest infestations.

Why Clean Homes Still Need the Best Pest Control in Houston

Many pests invade homes looking for shelter or water, two things a clean home can have plenty of. Common water sources for these pests include moisture from leaky pipes, poor air circulation, and window condensation. And, while this time of year Texans may start to see less bugs outside, many are coming inside for the winter. Even cockroaches, an insect usually associated with mess, find their way into homes for these reasons.

Since many of these accidental pests aren’t adapted to living with humans, infestations can be limited and may go away on their own. Others can require professional pest management for effective eviction.

Unfortunately, other pests that invade clean homes are more of a nuisance. For example, cats and dogs can bring in fleas and ticks. Since their food source is blood, a clean home can’t keep them out. However, frequent vacuuming does not help with flea and tick control. Bed bugs are another example, and they’re much harder to identify and exterminate. All it takes is a single female to hitch a ride — whether at a hotel, on public transit, or even in movie theater seats — and you can be facing a serious infestation.

Finally, those who share a wall with neighbors — as in an apartment or condo — face an added risk. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your own space if your neighbor neglects theirs. And certain types of mess do make infestation more likely.

When a Mess Can Attract Trouble

A little clutter may seem harmless, but it makes pest control harder than it needs to be. A messy home gives pests places to hide, making it trickier to find and eliminate them.

Additionally, food, especially sugary treats, attracts certain pests like ants, rats, and roaches. To avoid this, clean up food spills and take out the trash regularly. Likewise, make your kitchen roach and mouse unfriendly by storing food in well-sealed containers. Clean your cabinets often and be sure to sweep out stray crumbs.

Preventive Pest Control Houston

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