Do It Yourself Pest Control Albuquerque

pest control in albuquerque

Pest control in Albuquerque can be intense. Each season brings a new onslaught of pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, ticks and flying pests such as wasps, mosquitoes, and flies. The truth of the matter is that Albuquerque has plenty of pests for every season of the year and that leaves homeowners with one of two choices — the DIY pest control or to call a professional service. This blog focuses on the Do It Yourself pest control option.

Traps — Albuquerque Pest Control Problems

What do you do if you find a cockroach in your home? Many people race out to buy a trap that catches and kills the cockroach. However, what if there are more than just a few cockroach in your home? Traps only work on pests that are adventurous enough to enter them. If there are other food choices around, cockroaches, mice, and rats may not bother with the trap. The other problem with these types of products is that you have to keep buying them. Very rarely is just one trap enough to rid a home of an infestation. Traps offer a design that kills enough of the pests to make them seem like they are working, but never enough that your home is free of pests. Their design keeps you buying more product which is exactly why traps work only marginally.

Sprays and Pest Management in Albuquerque

Pesticide sprays work to kill pests on contact. The problem with spray pest control products is that they are not specific in what they kill. In fact, small pets such as dogs can die from contact with pesticides. It takes less toxins to do harm to little bodies such as those of small dogs and children. The simple act of mopping the floor may also spread pesticides around your floors. Many toxins are absorbed through the skin so when kids walk around barefoot they are absorbing pesticides into their bodies. Dog, cats, and other pets are also at risk for the absorption of pesticides. So while spray pesticides work, they need to be used responsibly and properly.

At Preventive Pest Control we offer quality commercial and residential pest control solutions at affordable prices. We are your local pest control company in Albuquerque that homeowners trust. If you are concerned about the dangers of DIY pest control feel fee to call us. Our professionals understand how to use pest control tools safely and responsibly.