Do It Yourself Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

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Best Pest Control In Phoenix Discusses DIY Pesticide Safety

Before you rush into DIY pest control in Phoenix, AZ or elsewhere, Preventive Pest Control recommends a thorough study on the basics of pesticide safety. Self-handling of home improvement projects can be interesting and fun. They can also be hazardous to family, pets and self. Using the existing principles established for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) offers the best starting point.

And it really begins with three basic common sense solutions for pesticide safety:

  • Proper Pest Identification: Before taking up arms against your Phoenix pest problem, consider the old saying: “Know Your Enemy.” Incorrectly crafted pest management solutions produce weak or totally ineffective results. For example: Although ants are ants, they are also species-distinctive. Thus effective ant control must also be species-specific.
  • Knowing The Product: According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), homeowners are responsible for most misapplied usages of pesticide. Typical problems come about due to:
  • Failure in product selection
  • Failure to follow application directions
  • Failure to establish proper storage methods
  • AND Failure in readiness for accidents during product distribution.
  • Avoiding Customized Home Recipes: Reliable Arizona pest control service providers use professionally evaluated and certified pesticide products. Home recipes crafted from household products and/or random pesticide components may seriously increase risks to animals, the environment, and people. Never craft a DIY pesticide recipe.

Best Defense Pest Control Services Near Me

We are not trying to push business through scare tactics. When handled correctly, pesticides are designed for safe application even by the average homeowner. Otherwise, they would not make these products so readily available. Yet pest control safety concerns do exist. According to NCBI resources, from 2006 to 2010 U.S. poison control centers received an average of 130,136 calls per year. And application of pesticides is not the only risky component of home DIY pest control. Any pest problem that remains incorrectly resolved can bloom into even larger problems.

So perhaps you have now determined that do it yourself pest control in Phoenix, AZ is not your best course of action. When your DIY price calculations include:

  • A value in personal safety
  • The certainty of effective problem resolution
  • The assurance of guaranteed pest control solutions
  • AND the reliability of professional pest management services

Preventive Pest Control helps you get the best pest control in Phoenix at a price that rivals the cost of DIY projects. Call us today for a quick and free quote!