How to Prevent Black Widows and Hobo Spiders in Utah

Sandy Pest Control for Black Widows and Hobo Spiders

They hide in the dark corners of our your home, weaving silky strands of web, silently stalking their prey on eight hairy legs. Their round black eyes wait patiently in the shadows, ready to strike with venom filled fangs. A chance encounter with human foot at night, or perhaps reaching into a cupboard and they strike. It is the source of nightmares for many. Arachnophobia.

Here in Sandy, Utah, the two most common venomous spiders found in homes are the hobo spider and the infamous black widow. Both species seek fertile hunting grounds in Utah homes where they can feed on insects. If you would like to prevent a painful encounter or you suspect that hobo or black widow spiders have taken up residence in your home, you should contact Preventive Pest Control Company in Sandy.

The Hobo Spider

The hobo spider is a funnel weaving spider that naturally makes its home in fields and around brush piles, but it is more than happy to establish itself in any dark, dry corner of your home where it can find insects to eat. They are active from early spring to late autumn but primarily in the summer months of June and July. The hobo spider is a large, brown spider with thick legs and a dark-brown body.

Although not naturally aggressive towards humans and will usually flee from human confrontation, the hobo spider will bite to defend its funnel web or if its egg sac is threatened. A bite from a hobo spider can be painful and will often become red and swollen. If you are bitten by a hobo spider, it is a good idea to capture it to ensure proper identification and to see a doctor if the pain and swelling persist around the wound. If you believe you may have hobo spiders lurking around your home, it is best to call the experts at Preventive Pest Control.

The Black Widow Spider

Another species prone to hide in Utah homes is the infamous black widow, so called because the female devours the male after mating. The black widow’s legend precedes it, and with good reason. The female black widow, identified by the red hourglass marking on its black, bulbous body, is venomous to humans and can even be lethal to vulnerable populations such as infants, young children, the elderly or the infirm. The black widow’s bite is so potent because it injects an unusually large amount of a neurotoxin called alpha-latrotoxin along with a sample of other toxins that boost the venom’s potency further.

In addition to the severe pain associated with the bite, the venom of the black widow causes muscle spasms, head aches, inability to regulate body temperature and tachycardia. You should try to trap the spider if you are bitten and bring it to the doctor for proper identification. Black widow infestations can be treated, but it often requires the specialists to fully rid a home of this threat.

Utah Pest Control for Dangerous Spiders

The first line of defense against both hobo spiders and black widows is to remove their food source. The spiders will seek out homes that have an insect population on which to feed. The experts in Preventive Pest Control first advise reducing the insect population to cut off the food supply of any potential spiders.

There are spider control products for homeowners such as highly toxic sprays and bug bombs to less-than-effective glue traps, and these can eliminate some of the spiders that are readily visible. The problem with the products available to consumers is that they are both more dangerous to humans and less effective at eliminating unwanted spiders.

Preventive Pest Control, one of the top Sandy pest control companies, will employ specialized chemicals targeted to eliminate spider infestations while presenting less danger to you and your family. The spider control experts will also apply mineral oil treatment designed to keep eight-legged invaders away for good, so you get rid of the spiders you see as well as the ones you don’t.