Having great lawn care means having a house that you can be proud of and real estate that builds on its value. You may be able to handle some aspects of lawn care on your own, but if you really want that beautiful, landscaped green that you see your neighbors cultivating, you will need a little professional help.

Preventive Pest Control is here to help!

Common Weeds That Will Conquer Your Lawn

(If You Are Not Careful)

  • The yarrow – This narrow, featherlike weed with clusters of white flowers will show up in dry summers if your soil is lacking in nutrients.
  • The daisy weed – This the most common weed that you will usually deal with. With a yellow center and white petals, they look like flowers until you realize they have no qualms about completely taking over your lawn. These weeds will come back quickly even after a close mow, so other methods must be employed.
  • The creeping thistle – If you have recently seeded your lawn or you have patches of bare ground between grass, then you may have seen this purpleheaded monster creep up into your space. The thistles are sharp, so they can’t be pulled comfortably, and they will come back if your lawn is not properly maintained.
  • The greater plantain – You may have seen this sprout with oval shaped leaves that take over small patches of your grass, killing it and bringing an uneven color and texture to your lawn. These resilient weeds require a great deal of work to remove that you may want to outsource.

The Problem Time

You may be able to get to your lawn every weekend if you are lucky. Weeds are working on your lawn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is nothing worse than looking out on a Tuesday after a weekend of back breaking labor just to see the same weeds sprouting up all over again!

Even the best gardeners employ professional help to rein in these uncontrollable and unsightly invaders. Get the help that you need from Preventive Pest Control to make your home living experience comfortable all the time, not just on weekends.

Why You Will Always Have Weeds

(Unless You Have Thousands of Dollars of Equipment and Tons of Free Time to Use It)

There are many elements of a lawn that must be kept in balance in order to maintain a full, textured Hollywood look. These elements are constantly moving out of order, and if you do not have the manpower and the equipment to snatch each element back in line in a proactive manner, you will always seem to have issues with your lawn.

  • Poor watering – You have time to set up sprinklers, but do you have the tools to measure the correct output and ensure parts of the lawn that need more water get it? Also, have you tested your water for its nutrient value? We can.
  • Insect damage – You can mow your lawn every day if you want to, but you can’t get rid of the insects that are working day and night to tear apart your work. We will.
  • Bad fertilization – You can get a bag of fertilizer from your local garden store, but have you really taken the time to understand how to use it? We have.

Weed and Lawn Control Solutions

Preventive Pest Control gives you a solution to your ongoing weed problem by providing ongoing, effective techniques that maintain your lawn’s look on a daily basis. However, the real value of our professional weed service is the techniques we use to increase the prevalence of the elements of the lawn that you actually like – the healthy, green grass and foliage that makes your lawn look rich and cared for. That’s right – we actually turn the tide of battle in the war between your grass and your weeds in your favor!

We properly apply the correct fertilizer; we destroy insect colonies that are tearing up your lawn; we make sure that the entire lawn gets the appropriate amount of properly treated water. This is hardly the extent of our services. Our years of experience allow us to customize our treatment to exactly what your lawn needs specifically. We want to talk to you face to face after testing your lawn, so that you will know exactly what we are doing to create the look of your dreams.

Learn more about the Preventive Pest Control Weed and Lawn Control program by simply entering your zip code. You can schedule your first appointment with no obligation to continue. We will be happy to direct you to the branch of our company that is most convenient to you. Get started on a great lawn today!