Scorpions! How Can I Keep Them Out of My Yard?

Las Vegas Scorpion

They’re not just ugly, they’re venomous. Although small, scorpions can deliver a powerful, painful sting. It’s not usually fatal to humans or pets, but it is quite an unpleasant experience and definitely enough to ruin your day. What can you do to reduce the possibility of you, your children, or your pets getting stung by one of these nasties? First of all, we need to know…

Where Do Scorpions Like to Hang Out?

It seems fitting that the creepy crawly scorpion is nocturnal and most active at night. But this doesn’t mean that you’re completely free from worry in the daytime. During the day, they like to hide in piles of rocks, under stones, in cracks in masonry, piles of wood or boards (such as firewood), junk piles, yard clippings, under the bark of trees, even in shoes! Any small, dark place will do. Since scorpions are small – usually only about three inches long – they can hide just about anywhere. And since they can enter your home through an opening the size of a credit card, the best place to start is to keep your yard as scorpion free as possible.

Get Rid of Their Hideouts

You can’t completely eliminate hiding places for scorpions, but you can reduce the likelihood that there will be swarms of them in your yard. Trim back bushes, vines and foliage. Don’t allow junk or trash to pile up, and try to keep your yard free of yard clippings and wood piles. If you have rocks for decoration or landscaping, treat the area with a pesticide. Wear gloves if you are working in such an area. If you keep shoes outside, shake them out well and visually inspect them before putting them on. NEVER put your hand in a shoe to check for scorpions!

Brown ScorpionScorpion’s Kryptonite

Scorpions have their own Kryptonite – they brightly glow in the dark under a black (ultraviolet) light. After dark, you can inspect your property with one. Look on exterior walls, at the bases of walls and fences, and under bushes and rocks. Since they’re small and don’t move very fast, once spotted, they’re easy to kill. But be careful! You can spray them with ant & cockroach spray or use a tool such as a knife or tweezers to crush them. Or just step on them – wearing a shoe, of course!

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