Scorpions and Spiders, Oh My!

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People from Nevada have many things to boast about: a grit tougher than a desert cactus, the largest alpine lake in the country, and a spread of buffet options longer than the state of Florida. They also have some impressive bugs that any entomologist would appreciate. Yet these same bugs are prompting countless calls to Nevada pest control services. Find out what critters are causing your neighbors to cringe and decide for yourself whether you’d lay out the welcome mat for these creatures or hope for their extermination.


Talk about a pest with a bad reputation. Scorpions have a nasty sting that induces nausea, numbness, breathing difficulties and vomiting. Nonetheless, no one in the United States has ever died from a scorpion despite its lingering reputation as a deadly bug. When the temperatures drop, they may seek comfort in your home or business. Even with professional extermination services, however, getting rid of them takes substantial time.


As the most common pest in the country, ants are hardly unique to Nevada. However, with colonies numbering 300,000 to 500,000, they’re worth a mention. Carpenter ants congregate in moist, decaying or hollowed wood. Others nest anywhere around homes and leave a pheromone trail for others to follow once they have detected food.


Want to know what keeps the pest control Nevada offers in business? Cockroaches. With four types in the valley, its unlikely you can live here without spotting a few. They can survive long periods of time without food, stay motionless for hours on end, and swim underwater. They can also taste something without consuming it, thereby making them nearly immune to human’s poisons.

Bed Bugs

Made famous by hotel rooms across the country, bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. Though their bites are relatively harmless, bed bugs are definitely high on the list of infestations you don’t want. You can detect the night-skittering insects by their fecal matter, which is often more visible than the bugs themselves.


Home to a variety of spiders, Nevada plays host to three notable ones in particular: desert recluse, black widows and camel spiders.

Desert recluse

Desert recluse spiders like dark, small areas, making your home an excellent habitat. That said, they only bite humans when threatened or accidentally touched. Responses vary from a light stinging sensation to death, particularly in children.

Black widow

Most easily recognized by the female’s red hourglass marks on their black belles, black widows cause fever, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting when they bite. Treatment may require an anti-venom, but the bites are rarely lethal.

Camel spiders

These critters are fast — 10 mph fast — and display aggressive behavior, often attacking with no provocation. However, they have no venom. Antibiotic treatment may be necessary if an infection forms.

If you suspect your home is experiencing a pest infestation, contact us for effective commercial and residential pest control in Nevada. Our trained professionals are happy to go where only a bug would appreciate!