Pest Control for Las Vegas Apartment Complexes

Per Nevada law, landlords are required to “maintain the dwelling unit in a habitable condition.” This includes pest control measures in cases where a tenant is not responsible for an infestation. Even when a landlord isn’t legally liable to pay for pest control, it still behooves property management to make sure it gets done for a variety of reasons. Happier Tenants Few people … Read More

Importance of Restaurant Pest Control

Las Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and it takes a lot of work to keep customers happy. In addition to great food, restaurants need to have a comfortable atmosphere and attentive service. Unfortunately, food-related pests — such as cockroaches, flies, and rodents — are a threat to all three. Safe Diners The presence of pests rates a … Read More

Benefits of Commercial Pest Control Services

There’s the obvious benefit that stems from hiring a professional commercial pest control company — getting rid of dangerous or obnoxious rodent and insect visitors in your business. What you may not realize, however, is that there are many other advantages of hiring a Salt Lake City pest control service. Pest infestations can damage your property and your reputation. They create … Read More

How Pests Threaten Nevada Industries – Part 1

There’s no business in Nevada as vital as its tourism and gaming industries. They bring in billions of dollars to the state every year and create about 2,500 new job opportunities every year. Unfortunately, a variety of pests have the potential to seriously impact this industry and could threaten the jobs of nearly everyone involved. If you are a Nevada-based … Read More

Different Pest Issues Commercial Business May Have

Pests, by nature, are unwanted visitors that warrant special attention.  When you’re running a business, pests can pose particularly troublesome problems that can impede your business and ultimately scare away customers. Pest control in manufacturing is essential, but despite your best efforts to put up barriers, you may find yourself visited by some invaders who could cause significant harm to … Read More

Why Do Commercial Businesses Need to Worry About Pest Control?

Invasion of one’s home by pests is no laughing matter. In addition to inconvenience, pests can be destructive and dangerous. Some carry disease that can be transferred to humans and others can destroy walls, floors, insulation and wiring, causing fire and safety hazards. Infestation of a commercial business can be many times more dangerous, as the business  products may be … Read More

How Commercial Restaurants Deal with Rodents

Rodents are naturally attracted to restaurants since it tends to be warm year-round in the kitchen and there is potentially large amount of food available. Dealing with them can be done a few different ways, but it is almost always a good idea to consult with a professional about your options. Removing Rodents From a Commercial Kitchen The three main … Read More

Keeping Your Food Storage Containers Pest Free

Contrary to popular belief, the issue of pests getting into food storage containers is not only relevant to individual homeowners. In fact, many commercial companies struggle to keep their food storage free of pests. Here are a few tips and tricks for commercial companies to consider to keep their food storage containers pest-free. Ultimately, however, most commercial companies will have to … Read More

What Restaurants Can Do to Eliminate Their Pest Problems

For restaurant managers and owners, pests are bad for business. While it may be tempting to assign someone to handle the pest problem in house, that could cause more problems than it solves. Most states have specific limitations and regulations in place governing pest management in commercial food handling areas. This is to prevent serving areas, food preparation equipment, food … Read More

How Do You Keep a Commercial Kitchen Clean and Free of Pests?

Pests are obnoxious no matter where they are, but when they find their way into a commercial kitchen, it can cause major problems for the restaurant. If a health inspector notices a pest problem during an inspection, it could result in the kitchen being shut down, costing the business a lot of money in missed income. Here are some tips … Read More