How to Prevent Black Widows and Hobo Spiders in Utah

Sandy Pest Control for Black Widows and Hobo Spiders They hide in the dark corners of our your home, weaving silky strands of web, silently stalking their prey on eight hairy legs. Their round black eyes wait patiently in the shadows, ready to strike with venom filled fangs. A chance encounter with human foot at night, or perhaps reaching into … Read More

Scorpions and Spiders, Oh My!

People from Nevada have many things to boast about: a grit tougher than a desert cactus, the largest alpine lake in the country, and a spread of buffet options longer than the state of Florida. They also have some impressive bugs that any entomologist would appreciate. Yet these same bugs are prompting countless calls to Nevada pest control services. Find … Read More

Venomous Pests to Look Out for in Albuquerque

Venomous Pests Control Albuquerque, NM Let’s face it, some parts of the country get more than their share of venomous pests. For residents of Albuquerque, the threat of venomous species, from fire ants and black widows to giant desert centipedes and coral snakes, is a natural part of life in the desert. More than just a nuisance, several types of … Read More

10 Most Common Spiders in Texas

Ever try to go to sleep when you know there is a spider loose in your room? That freaky feeling is common to most people. Aside from people who study spiders, not many people get excited when a spider moves into their home. Texas has a lot of spiders, but in this blog, we will discuss ten of the most … Read More

Getting Rid of Those Sandy Spiders

Sandy, UT, is known for having pests that are quite adaptable and used to harsh climates. The natural aridity of the Sandy area draws to it many spiders that are in search of food. In the middle of a natural desert climate, your home represents an oasis of free meals and advantageous climate. You will need the help of a … Read More

Spiders of New Mexico

New Mexico plays host to several well-known spider species that become more active in August and September when the males begin to wander in search of mates. Not content to remain outside, they often enter homes to hunt, find water and mate. Living with spiders has the benefit of reducing the insect population but it comes with the risk of … Read More

Fossil Discovered For One of the Earliest Known Spiders

A 305 million year old fossil from France is solving the mystery of linking the proto-spiders of eons ago and the creepy arachnids of today. Scientists have dubbed the fossil Idmonarachne brasieri after Idmon, the character in Greek mythology who sired Arachne, the skilled weaver. Surprisingly, one of the first findings of the fossil was a lack of spinneretes – apparently, this proto-spider … Read More

The Bigger Issue When You Find Spiders in Your Home

While spiders generally are harmless, and actually very good at controlling the other insect populations in your yard, seeing one suddenly scurry across the floor or wall, or lurking in a corner can be a bit unnerving for many people. While we may appreciate how beneficial they are in keeping other pests at bay, not many folks want to share … Read More

Wolf Spiders – 8 Fascinating Facts

Wolf spiders are found all over the United States, and they thrive in a wide variety of habitats. They are also extremely capable, and they possess quite a few characteristics that separate them from other types of spiders you’ll encounter, in your home or elsewhere. Unique Eye Arrangement All species of wolf spiders have eight eyes, and these are separated … Read More

Spiders Are Surprisingly Helpful to Have Around!

Anyone who fell in love with the book, “Charlotte’s Web” as a kid might have trouble killing spiders as an adult. It’s been proven that spiders are helpful in a number of important ways, so it’s best to just let them outside instead of flushing them down the drain. Or having the right pest control service to prevent them from … Read More