Do It Yourself Pest Control in Sandy, Utah

As your local pest control company in Sandy, Utah, Preventive Pest Control helps homeowners and businesses deal with pest infestation. There are a lot of products on the market that are designed for the DIY person and pest control is no exception. Convenient as they are, home versions of pest control may do more harm than good. Let’s explore. Designed … Read More

Do It Yourself Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

Best Pest Control In Phoenix Discusses DIY Pesticide Safety Before you rush into DIY pest control in Phoenix, AZ or elsewhere, Preventive Pest Control recommends a thorough study on the basics of pesticide safety. Self-handling of home improvement projects can be interesting and fun. They can also be hazardous to family, pets and self. Using the existing principles established for … Read More

Common Pests of Las Vegas

Bees and Wasps Honeybee: The honeybee is generally not considered a pest and is generally not aggressive unless the hive is directly threatened. Local bee keepers may be called upon to remove a honeybee hive and rehouse them in a hive box. Africanized Honeybee: Africanized honeybees on the other hand are extremely aggressive and can be lethal if not dealt … Read More

Do It Yourself Pest Control Albuquerque

Pest control in Albuquerque can be intense. Each season brings a new onslaught of pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, ticks and flying pests such as wasps, mosquitoes, and flies. The truth of the matter is that Albuquerque has plenty of pests for every season of the year and that leaves homeowners with one of two choices — the DIY pest control … Read More

Texas Reports Its First Case of Locally Transmitted Zika

While some Houston residents have already tested positive for Zika, each of these cases was likely the result of international travel. However, health officials last week reported what is likely to be the first local transmission for the state. The patient, a woman living in Cameron County near Brownsville at the Mexico–US border, had no recent travel history. This means the virus may have spread to … Read More

Top 5 Pest Control Companies in Utah

There is no shortage of pest companies in Sandy but finding one that is trustworthy and effective can be a bit more of a challenge. We’ve compiled our own list of the top 5 pest control companies in Sandy. This is our final list. Top Pest Control Companies in Sandy, Utah We evaluated each company on a variety of factors … Read More

Pest Control Companies Near Me

Almost everyone needs a pest control company at some point. Whether you are battling an invasion of ants or if something large has moved into your attic, critters are attracted to our homes. If you are currently looking through the long list of local pest control companies, we can help. We are Preventative Pest Control and are experts at pest management … Read More

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Albuquerque

New Mexico Pest Control, The Cost of Home Pest Protection Wish this could be a one price fits all solution, but home and office pest problems come in a variety of creatures and sizes, each with a species-specific method of elimination, reduction and routine control processes. Keep in mind that effective pest reduction often demands a crossover between inside your … Read More

How Houston Pest Control Gets Rid of Fleas

Fleas Make City of Houston’s Top Three Household Pest List According to a recent article presented on the City of Houston’s Official Site for Houston, Texas, the three most common pests associated with household pets are ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Infestation by any of these three pests can be troublesome if not downright tormenting. This article zooms in on pest … Read More

Scorpions and Spiders, Oh My!

People from Nevada have many things to boast about: a grit tougher than a desert cactus, the largest alpine lake in the country, and a spread of buffet options longer than the state of Florida. They also have some impressive bugs that any entomologist would appreciate. Yet these same bugs are prompting countless calls to Nevada pest control services. Find … Read More